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PostSubject: Rules   Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 8:34 am

If you have questions about a rule, don't be afraid to ask! Post your question(s) in the site feedback section.

The forums work on a warning bar. Fill it up to 100%, and you are banned for five days, or longer if a mod or admin deems fit. Warnings are reset two weeks from when you originally get the first warning.

1. No cussing, flaming, bashing or swearing. This community is for everyone, and we will not tolerate hostility. This is the number one rule for a reason.
2. No spamming or advertising. We have a forum dedicated to spam, so please use it if you for some very odd reason feel the need to post things that have nothing to do with anything. Posting excessive smilies in your post is considered spam. You may have a forum or site link in your signature if you wish, which will not count as advertising.
3. You are only allowed one log-in account. If you are caught registering more than one account, you will be immediately IP banned from the forums.
4. Do not double, triple, quadruple, whatever post. If you have something to add, edit your existing post. The only exception is if you're bumping your thread.
5. Do not bump old topics. Old is considered any topic whose last post was added two weeks ago or more. Bumping is posting in a topic for the sole purpose of moving it up to the front page for everyone to see and to keep it alive. In this case of bumping your trade thread, you can only bump three times per week, no more than once per day. Also, in the bump post, please give a reasonable update explanation.
6. No obscene or pornographic content is allowed, including links, text, images, and any other kind of media. This is a very strict rule here. If you violate this rule, you will receive a permaban without question.
7. You are responsible for your own account. If you tell us "Oh, my little brother posted all those mean messages! Don't ban me, wah wah wah", you'll be SOL. If you have nosy siblings, please log out before you exit the forums.
8. Do not mini-mod. Mini-modding is when you see a post that violates a rule and you take it into your own hands to warn the member that it's not permitted. Our job as mods is to handle things like this, that's what we're here for. If you see a post that violates a rule, click the report button at the top right of the post.
9. NEVER give out your password to ANYBODY on the forum. No mod or admin will ever ask you for it. If somebody asks you for your password here, notify a moderator or administrator. Again, we will never ask you for your password; we will never need it as admins can access your account regardless, and moderators will have no such need.
10. Please post in English. Don't post excessive chatspeak (ex. "plz", "kk", "r u") in your posts. Use at least half-decent spelling and grammar in your posts.
11. Do not type in all caps. It's annoying, hard to read and is considered yelling to some.
12. Do not troll, pester or beg other members.
13. Do not dedicate entire topics asking/telling one or a few members something. We have a private message system for that.
14. NEVER post any personal information on the boards, for your good and ours. This includes full home addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, full names...anything you wouldn't want a complete stranger to know. Use the PM feature if these things are necessary.
15. Do not post excessively long quotes.
16. Use appropriate language. As well as swearing, lewd or vulgar talk/discussion is not allowed.
17. Do not post illegal links on the CB or the forum, such as ROM links, pirated software sites, etc.
18. DO NOT edit another person's profile in ANY WAY. Doing so will get your profile edited, as well (AKA warning bar).
19. Don't pester the admins with requests to be promoted. If you want a promotion, the best thing to do is not ask; worthy staff wouldn't ask such things in the first place.
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