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 Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region

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PostSubject: Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region   Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:03 am

Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures
Pilot/Sneak Peak Chapter
By Jeremy H. Username: Hawker
Email Address:

A wild Music Box apeared! The Music Box started playing the opening to Fire Red/Leaf Green. The music was enjoyable for some
people. Others hated it. This music was being played for this story. The Music Box didn't want to play the music, but he had
to, because the Author made him. The Music Box couldn't deal with the Author screaming at him every day. The poor Music Box
was treated like a slave. It was just a poor little Pokemon that could play music. The Author didn't understand how the Music
Box felt. It could remember the horrible days with the Author. The Author would always say to him, "You stupid Music Box!
Play some Music or I'm gonna take away your battery! START PLAYING SOME MUSIC!" The Music Box would reply, "Ok", but in a
very scared way. The he would start playing some music. Now it would have to deal with this every single chapter of the
story! Poor little thing.... Now we should get to what this story is really about. A boy named Jeremy on his Pokemon journey!

It was 10 o clock at night, and Jeremy and Johnny were up watching Tv. There bedtime was 2 hours ago.... There mom thought
that they were sleeping. Tommorow the two boys would start there Pokemon journey. They were very exited about this, but
didn't want to go to bed. They were watching Inuyasha, a show about a girl and a half demon who search for shards of a
sacred jewel with the help of some friends. On the way, they battle all kinds of demons. While watching this, they wondered
if there were any demon Pokemon out there. Then they heard the footsteps of there mother coming up the stairs. "Oh crap",
said Johnny.

There mother opened the door and they quickly shut off the tv and hopped into bed. She saw and heard the two boys though.
Then she screamed at them, "Johnny and Jeremy! Get to sleep RIGHT NOW! I am so sick and tired of you two staying up so late
every single night. Maybe you two shouldn't go on your Pokemon journeys tommrow!" Then the two boys shouted, "Yo mom!", ...
Woops, sorry, wrong line. Heres what they actually said.... "No mom!" Then there mom said, "Go to sleep then!". She slammed
the door shut and went back downstairs. Jeremy and Johnny finally went to sleep. They were ready for tommorow.

Jeremy and Johnny woke up to a bright, sunny day. Johnny said, "Wasn't it supposed to be rainy today?" Jeremy replied, "Even
though its sunny outside the ground is wet." Johnny then said, "Hey theres a Bulbasaur outside using Sunny Day!" Jeremy said
in his head, "Wow thats cool, maybe I should get a Bulbasaur!" "Lets go Jeremy, where gonna be late!", said Johnny. They
rushed over to Profesor Oak's Lab.

Suddenley a Red headed kid with skinny jeans and a skull shirt came out of Oak's Lab with a Charmander. He then said, "Haha
I picked the best Pokemon its Charmander!" Johnny said, "Charmander sucks, think about the future when its facing Stealth
Rock!" The kid said, "Hey smart@$$, why don't you pick a Pokemon and fight!" Johnny replied, " I will."

Johnny walked into the lab and was greated by Oak. Oak said, there are 2 Pokemon left, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Wich one do
you want?" "Squirtle!", said Johnny. Johnny went back outside. He then said, "Ok Reddy, I'm ready to fight!" "The name is
Danny, now shutup!", said the kid. Jeremy said, "I don't like the looks of this Johnny." "I can handle him!" Johnny said.
Danny shouted, "Lets go already!!!!".

Rival Danny would like to battle! "Go Charmander.", said Danny. Johnny said, "Go Squirtle! Use Tackle!" Danny said, "Dodge
and use Scratch!" The Attack was a Critical Hit! "Dammit!", said Johnny. "Uh-oh", Jeremy said. Johnny said, "Thats ok
Squirtle! Hang in there. Use Tackle!" Danny said, Charmander use Scratch again! It was another Critical Hit! Squirtle
fainted....... Johnny was silent, and so was Jeremy. He couldn't believe his brother had lost to this dork.

Danny said, "Haha loser! I beat you and you suck!" Jeremy stood up for his brother and said, "Hey @$$hole! Fight me too! I
know I can beat some dork like you!" Danny was furious! He said, "You mother (censored) (censored)! I WILL DESTROY YOU!"
Jeremy went into Oaks lab and asked for Bulbasaur. He came back outside and was ready to battle Danny.

Rival Danny would like to battle Jeremy! Danny said, "Charmander, come kick some butt!" Jeremy said, "Go Bulbasaur! Make me
proud!" Danny said, "Charmander use Scratch!" Jeremy said, "Bulbsaur attack with Tackle at full power!" Danny then said,
"Charmander use Scratch again!" Jeremy ordered Bulbasaur to use another tackle. The Danny said, "Charmander, finish it off
with Ember!" Bulbasaur fainted....

Jeremy said, "NO HOW COULD I LOSE TO YOU!" "Cuz you suck", said Danny. Then Danny left Pallet Town. Jeremy and Johnny were
so mad that they lost to Danny, but at least they got there 1st Pokemon. It was getting late so they both went inside. They
showed there mom there Pokemon. There mom said, "Those are wonderful Pokemon, NOW GET TO BED!" Jeremy and Johnny rushed
upstairs into bed. Tommorow they were heading out to start there adventure with Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region   Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:26 am

10/10 I love the grammar.
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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region   Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:49 am

lol this is a funny story
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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region   Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:53 am

Thanks. I'm making my next one soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region   Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:54 am

Ok good luck with it.
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Jeremy's Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Region
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